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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 7 - Five pet peeves

If my friends made a list about this, my name would probably be number one haha. I kid. I think.

Anywayyy here are five of my pet peeves. Really in no particular order.

You should know that as I'm typing this, I have no single clue what my five pet peeves are, like my mind is blank. So I'll just sit here till I can think again.

  • ''STUPIDS'' - You know those people that appear on your facebook wall like once in six months and try to take you on a guilt trip by claiming you've forgotten them? Yeah those people piss me the hell off. I mean, yeah you have two hands, I have two hands. You have a telephone, i have a telephone. You have me on your friends' list, i have you on my friends' list. Is your hand, broken, that you can't dial a damn telephone? It takes two people to keep in touch. And really nobody owes anybody anything, even if I've forgotten you and you've forgotten me, life goes on. It's not like you're feeding me or I'm feeding you so calm your ventricles, why don't you? 
  • False Hope: You know those people who promise to do something for you, but when the time comes, they just dash your hopes without any thoughts as to how you're going to cope? Yeah, well, those people are really mean. But the good thing is, I don't believe promises anymore. The only One who keeps his promise is God. A preacher once said that if God ever fails you, you will get your name in the Guiness Book of World Records as the first person God ever failed. I think it was Damon Thompson. Not sure though. 
  • Fake People with Fake accents: Really, I know you live in America. I know you live in London or Heavenstreet or whatever. I know your parents are rich. But darling, you only moved to America two months ago now, haba. Why are you pretending as if you don't understand me when I speak? I mean, if you use your Nigerian accent, i won't flog you, am i your papa? Calm down, biko, life is not that serious. And oh yeah your accent needs more work dear, do you know your American accent makes you sound like someone with a speech disorder? Really, you should try to erase the igboticness in it although i doubt you'll succeed.
  • Spitters: why, why, why, why, why????? You know, I don't understand why people spit in public. Ughhhh i am so so irritated as i'm typing this. It is disgusting. That is the sole reason why I hate summer because the floor is always filled with so much sputum i have to walk as if i'm playing suwe. At least in Winter, the snow hides it, you know snow is like a clean slate, even if you pee in it, it won't show lol (not that i've tried it or anything). But summer is just...terrible, terrible. 
  • Yeah i can't think of a fifth one right now. So four will have to do. I don't know what's up with me today but something definitely is.  Thanks for reading :) 

2 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Laurenta said...

i feel you on that

fake accents is just good humor for me.
when im down i remember all those with fake accents, how they sound and i just have a good *rolling*

didnt know u were on the challenge
id def be back

CerebrallyBusy said...

LOOL yeah i get the rolling bit hehe.

Thanks a lot for stopping by :)