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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mj...michael jacskon or michael jordan?

hey bloggers, 'sup?
so, i'm about to yan about mj

''the only mj i know is michael jordan''

i didn't say that, my friend Busy did.

That's true in a way, while i was growing up, michael jackson wasn't in the picture at all...i mean in the music industry...true he was there around '95, '96, but i was only 3 or 4 years old. so, basically while i was getting taller and wiser, he wasn't there. i grew up listening to those like r kelly, celine dion, sisqo-thong song, remember?, even tony tetuila *omode meta n shere, ere o, won sere ayo*; my point IS, the only mj i heard around was michael jordan.

But i'm blogging about michael jackson.

The fact of the matter is, the guy is dead, dead and gone, and frankly it's bera that way.
I always tell people, when you wanna complain about your life, think of michael jackson's first. i mean, let's face it his life was miserable even with all the money and what am i saying? BECAUSE of the money and fame!

so, i don't really know what to believe, was he or was he not a pedo?
He liked kids, that's not to be denied at all,

but did he like them in a sick, twisted way?

Looking at the facts that i have gathered, which, i should tell u, are not much; if he was really one, hey he was close to that home alone whats-his-name? Someone Culkin, i dont really remember, why didn't he molest him?? heck why didn't he molest his kids? but then a still small voice(not GOD o) keeps telling me, the fact that no one knows about it doesn't mean it never happened.

y'all should listen to Katt Williams on michael jackson on youtube.

on an entirely unrelated topic,(not from mj, from williams :D) the boy was too famous for his own good, there was paparazzi all over his life; heck i wouldn't be surprised if they bugged his toilet to see the shape of his excreta just to make money out of it...i wouldn't be surprised at all. if he buys stuff, they wanna know why he chose green instead of yellow or something. its crazy.

And about his singing...

now, i don't know but am i the only one who feels that michael jackson's voice wasn't all that special???

personally i think he's just as good a singer as rkelly, cb and the others, its just coz his voice was feminine-kind of high pitched...but about his dancing skills???

He was the champion

well, that's it then. oh, y'all should also listen to the rest of the jacksons, theyre pretty good too especially jermaine,its just, mj took all the spotlight.

p.s i detest his lying stupid family-disowning crazy bitch of a sister LaToya. She made his life miserable, AND she lied and said she didn't get a nose job! i swear, even a blind man on a galloping horse can see the difference between her former fat nose and her present michael-jackson-style one.
personally i think she was jealous of him.


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