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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I want a guy who thinks I’m beautiful without my make up on,
Who thinks I’m beautiful when I've just woken up ( I’m really not, but having someone think that about you is pretty awesome)
I want a guy who will take me to church even when I don’t feel like going.
I want a guy who doesn't mind talking about random things for hours into the night
I want a guy who doesn't make me wait for hours before replying my texts
I want a guy who is optimistic and ambitious and doesn't mind buying me cupcakes and chicken wings
I want a guy who thinks I’m funny and smart
I want a guy who makes me laugh
I want a guy who takes me seriously, who treats me like I’m the most important person in his life
I want a guy who doesn't play around with our relationship or take me for granted.
I want a guy who buys me books instead of jewellery because he knows me that well
I want a guy who will hug me and kiss my forehead just because.
I want a guy who will point me out and say ‘That’s my woman’
I want a guy who actually listens to me and laughs at my lame jokes
I want a guy who misses me enough to text me from work and tell me he loves me
I want a guy who never uses my weaknesses against me.
I want a guy who encourages me and motivates me to be a better person
I want a guy who knows what he has when he has me, and doesn't have to wait till I’m gone to appreciate me
I want a guy who knows me inside and out, and loves me anyway.
But obviously that’s too much to ask for. 

3 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Anonymous said...

...not to worry, you know what you want. A little while.

Toyin said...

thamk God u're finally writing again. Been watching this space for wayyy too long.

CerebrallyBusy said...

Thanks, rethots :)

Toyin: lol. Thanks love :*