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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 11 - My family

My family is made up of my mother, my father, my brother, my sister and I :)

I shall now proceed to describe each of them in a few words ...

My Mom: From her name, down to the soles of her feet, she is as unique as they come. She's one of my best friends. I mean, granted, I didn't like her that much till i was around ten or eleven. Okay yeah I loved her, but we used to get on each other's nerves a lot, especially since i was a very, very stubborn child. But right now, there's hardly anything I don't tell her. I mean, if i decided to lose my virginity, she would be the first person to hear about it. Besides the guy of course. Lol. No for real though. If i made a mistake, she's the first person i would call. She is just amazing,

My Dad: Well what can I say? I've never been all that close to my dad. I mean yeah we used to do family stuff you know. My dad is pretty funny. He likes to crack jokes. I think if my mom were away for a while, we would be spoilt children.  Nah for real. Whenever my mum gives us money, it's 100 bucks per day. But my dad would give you 500 and even ask if you need more. But that's pretty much it. I never go to him when i have a problem or when I'm feeling down. Only when I need money lol. And he never lets me down when i need money. Even if he's broke he will never tell me. I love him.

My brother:  Mean mean mean person lol. He turned 21 yesterday. How can I describe him? He's pretty awesome. Let's hope he doesn't read this. Yeah no he wouldn't. He hates to read stories. He's the one who made me the tomboy that i am today. He's the one who used to bribe me to play football with him. He's the one with whom i used to climb trees and fences and try to boycott rat traps in someone else's compound. I used to believe every word that came out of this boy's mouth, no matter how stupid it sounded. I remember once he told me he never ever used to fart. That he was an angel. And even when i heard him fart, he said it was just the chair. Imagine. And I believed. Lol i was gullible then. I think i was kind of like the brother he never had. It wasn't until he went off to university and one of his friends actually said i was pretty did he start noticing i was a girl lol.

My sister: She's all of 18 years old. Amazing. She's the smartest one of us. She likes to read and is almost always top of her class. She looks up to me and she thinks i'm amazing :) Whenever she feels down, she beeps me and I call her and we talk for long minutes. She's sweet and naive, and she loves the Lord so much. I'm happy for her about that. She used to grumble a lot. Before. I hope that has changed now. I pray it has because gosh! it used to drive me crazy. She used to be my experiment-y kind of person. Like when i learned something new, i would go try it on her first. I even convinced her to shave her head when she was six and I was seven. Lol. Terrible times. She's just...she's really really sweet and she loves me and I love her.

Then there's me.

I am pretty much amazing too lol. Agree with me or get lost.

God bless my family.

4 CerebrallyEndowed views:

Giagerry said...

Hahahaha ur bro is funny tho, as in him being an angel and dint fart? hahahah!

CerebrallyBusy said...

Lool and i believed!

Laurenta said...

i figure that places you right about 19 or 20 lol

your brother sounds like a character

Yen said...

awesome post!