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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Manners...and ish

yo, whatsup blogtown?its me again

This time, i'm back with manners. It doesn't really matter what kind-table, toilet, even fb manners. Personally i think there should be a class on manners...i'm not saying i would be the teacher, heck i aint perfect, but really people should learn to talk to fellow humans with respect, even when insulting them...
kinda like bree hodge in desperate housewives. she can insult you in a very polite way lol.

So my story begins about six months ago. This dude i've known for a very long time in naija requested my friendship on fb. I used to look at him as one of those razz wannabes in church-no no don't get me wrong, i'm not a snob,but honestly some pips make you wanna shake your head!
I knew from the beginning that it was 'wahala', but how do you ignore a friend request from a friend, you know?
Anyway next thing i know this dude starts bugging me, making rude comments and what have you...once, he commented on my status
''i've been watching you for sometime now, you have mood swings''
imagine his effrontery!!!
i'm like wth, is he crazy or yes? igba wo la bere love ta n kiss??!!(when did we start goin out that we should start kissing already?)
so of course, i didn't reply him. He disappeared again for some time, then next thing i know again the idiot sends me a message

''didn't you see my message?? i told you you have mood swings, you should see a psychiatrist''

No, can you imagine??? can u honestly imagine??

i'm like noooooooo, wth (yet again), he didn't just call me crazy! he didn't just tell me to see a flippin' psychiatrist!!!
he dared say that to somebody of my status, of my calibre lol.

Again, i let it slide. my mom told me once,
''it is better to do nothing when ur angry because whatever u do in the spur of the moment may be more than what caused ur anger''
Wise soul, that woman:)
But he was slowly, surely but very steadily pushing me to the wall, and i was like 5mm from it.

Now, imma tell you about the day he actually stretched me to my limits.

I'm not a chelsea fan, but that doesn't mean i don't like the club or its players,cos i do.
now drogba, is another story.
Flippin dude is too temperamental, dang. He misses a goal, he raves. He falls, he rants. His club loses the match, he screams at the national tv

"it is a disgrace, it is a ****ing disgrace''
lol, it was so damn funny i racked my cribz laughing.

Recently, he scored a goal for his team,and seeing him again just brought back fond memories lol. i decided to share this with my friends on fb via my status.

Next thing i know, mr idiot is back again talking crap!
guess what he says this time??

wait for it...
wait for it...

''you don't have passion for what you do"!!!

NoOO00000. Flippin' pile of rat-droppings didn't just call me impassionate!!! Just because i find somn funny and i laugh??? that was a big no-no. He was definitely gonah get it this time.
So i guess you can guess(pun not intended)what i did.

I gave it to him without leaving anything out just as he asked for it :))))

you see,my mouth tends to run away with me sometimes :( its like asking for a spoon of rice and getting a whole pot. Ask for my trouble and receive it pressed down, shaken together and running over lol.

i really shouldn't give you all the sordid, gory details, i know you can imagine.


Now about yar'adua, wth is going on??? i know we were all harpin' on n on about obasanjo,but frankly i don't believe he was ever this bad!

And i heard the frail-looking dude has said no one should judge him till his tenure is over...but by then, it would be like crying over spilt milk, it'll be too late.

And call off the strike already, dang!

oh, before i forget,what the heck is the dollar doing way up at 185???!!!!

Frankly i haven't seen anything special Musa has done since he became president! All he does is talk talk and some more talk, and make more n more never-to-be-fulfilled-promises!

Light up nigeria, its too dark!!!

I know every cloud has a silver lining,but i've been looking and looking and i haven't been able to find even a little spark!
Ordinarily i would say i'm done looking, but that would make me sound like a quitter, and i may be many things, but quitter??
Not one of 'em.

Now i'm going to bed with a heavy heart...

no no actually no. Jesus said cast all your burden upon me cos i care,right?

so, i'm goin to pray with a heavy heart, but sleep with a very light one!

I cannot, will not,and absolutely refuse to believe that there's no hope.

God bless Nigeria.

I gotta split.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my soft,cool bed beckons :)))


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